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Leelanau LP

Image of Leelanau LP


Release Date 10/9/12

LP comes hand printed insert and free MP3 download, plus bonus track Possum Song, not available on CD!

Track Listing:

1) Birch Bark
2) Lake Charlevoix
3) Sleeping Bear
4) Crooked River
5) Sturgeon Bay
6) Copperleaf
7) Sault Ste Marie
8) Petoskey Stone
9) Maple Leaf Red
10) Pictured Rocks
11) Possum Song
12) Muskegon
13) Please Sparrow
14) Tahquemenon
15) Leelanau

MP3 available from iTunes
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Dana Falconberry suffuses the majesty of nature in the orchestral pop-folk she elegantly crafts in Leelanau, her inaugural release for Antenna Farm. Citing influences ranging from the prints of artist Gwen Frostic, the books of Willa Cather, and the stark, childs-eye beauty of the Swedish film Let The Right One In, Falconberry finds lyrical inspiration in her idyllic childhood retreats to the Great Lakes State’s Leelanau peninsula. The result is a set of eloquent verse reflecting upon the region to which she has returned almost every summer since she was born.

For Leelanau, Falconberry was determined to push herself as a songwriter while staying true to the sound and aesthetic that had earned her a growing fan base in Austin and beyond. While previous recordings emphasized the sparse and delicate, on Leelanau, Dana’s fairy-like voice is bolstered by the exquisite orchestration of a six-piece band (Dvorak, Karla Manzur, Matthew Shepherd, Christopher Cox, Lindsey Verrill) who are central to the bountiful soundscapes Falconberry creates. The newly developed string arrangements (arranged by bandmember Cox and performed by Austin’s Tosca String Quartet) match the growth in Falconberry’s songwriting approach.

Leelanau was recorded by Grant Johnson, mixed by Danny Reisch (of Shearwater), and produced by Johnson, Cox, and Falconberry.

Check out first single, Lake Charlevoix, below: