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Til I Prune

Image of Til I Prune

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01) Oh So Free
02) Lil Peck
03) Sleeping
04) Packed Up
05) Two Baby Moths
06) His Den
07) Molten Core
08) Movin On
09) Toof Hurty
10) Til I Prune
11) Sweet Poison
12) Mighty Dirty River

Til I Prune is Winfred E. Eye's 4th full length, and their most mature set of songs to date. The band has returned to the dark highways that they know so well, but with an expanded vision and songwriting chops that have fully come into their own. Til I Prune balances a boozy melancholy with a strong dose of dark humor and even, at times, a sense of satisfaction with loves found, and not yet lost.

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