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Chateau Crone LP

Image of Chateau Crone LP





1) I'm Alright
2) Grey Gardens
3) Dada Girlfriend
4) I'll Let You Be My Baby
5) I Was Born To Sing Sad Songs
6) Wallpaper of Skin
7) Your Hands My Hands
8) Oh La La!
9) Rubik's Cube
10) Wood Lead Rubber

Taking notes from bands like the Shaggs, the Boswell Sisters and the Zombies, Agent Ribbons reconcile seemingly unrelated genres, sounding like Girls in the Garage doing the Three Penny opera.

CHATEAU CRONE is Agent Ribbons second full-length album, following the band’s self-released “On Time Travel and Romance” and two vinyl singles released through Acuarela and Seven Inch Project. Each 140 gram, high quality vinyl LP of CHATEAU CRONE comes with a 24 page full-color handbook all about their future dream estate, where they can grow old together in a supportive, artistic atmosphere outside the realms of society’s oppressive expectations of aging women. For other aspiring Chateau Cronies that share their witchy, Golden Girls dream, the album also comes with a full-color TEMPORARY TATTOO donning the official crest of Chateau Crone.

Some Words About Chateau Crone

“Feel good garage rock” - NPR, All Songs Considered

"Agent Ribbons' forthcoming Chateau Crone finds the candy-colored Bay Area expats leaving the cabaret for Max's Kansas City..." – The Onion

“Chateau Crone is a delightfully eccentric charmer of a debut record. Tracyannne Campbell from Camera Obscura is already a fan. This record will make one of you.” – Kansas City Free Press

“The ladies of Agent Ribbons combine dreamy baroque pop with a startling garage-rock edge. ” – LA Times

“blessed with lovely soaring voices and adept musicianship, these ladies flat-out rock in a wonderfully quirky, inventive, and original way. A marvelously offbeat delight.” – Jersey Beat

“The trio tosses dreamy 1960s pop with witchy classical tones for something sweet and spooky.” -- Austin Chronicle

“There may be many preshy "dream-girl" bands performing nightly under the radar out there, but perhaps none of them so bewitchingly swoon-worthy yet so storybook-ready to bear both fang and claw as Agent Ribbons” – Amoeblog

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